Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recycling Center serves all major cities.

Do you need to recycle your electronic waste? Do you need to liquidate your used obsolete computers and telecom equipment? Do you want to get paid for your obsolete equipment? Then call on a company that has the experience and expertise to maximize your product. In these tough times it is imperative to do whatever it takes to streamline your bottom line. Pager and Cellular Communications, LLC has been in business for over 15 years. We began in a little shop in Ocala, Fl recycling pagers. We have expanded to a 40,000 square foot warehouse to recycle anything with a cord or battery. We can pick up nationwide and have it shipped directly (on us) to our warehouse here in Ocala, FL.

Call now for our pricing per lb on all your ewaste. It's so easy, WE PAY FOR SHIPPING (minimum 200 lbs).

1.352.502.449 and ask for Todd Klimson.

Major Metropolitan cities we serve:

Recycle Charlotte, NC
Recycle Indianapolis, IN
Recycle Denver, CO
Recycle Memphis, TN
Recycle Detroit, MI
Recycle Richmond, VA
Recycle Milwaukee, WI
Recycle Oklahoma City, OK
Recycle Orlando, FL
Recycle Nashville, TN
Recycle Columbus, OH
Recycle Buffalo, NY
Recycle Boston, MA
Recycle Miami, FL
Recycle Cincinnati, OH
Recycle Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL
Recycle Cleveland, OH
Recycle Salt Lake City, UT
Recycle St. Louis, MO
Recycle New Orleans, LA
Recycle Phoenix, AZ
Recycling Jacksonville, FL
Recycle Dayton, OH
Recycle Kansas City, MO
Recycle Minneapolis, MN
Recycle Columbia, SC
Recycle Baltimore, MD
Recycle Oakland, CA
Recycle Dallas, TX
Recycle San Francisco, CA
Recycle Pittsburgh, PA
Recycle Harrisburg, PA
Recycle Philadelphia, PA
Recycle Washington, D.C.
Recycle Rochester, NY
Recycle Toledo, OH
Recycle Atlanta, GA
Recycle Birmingham, AL
Recycle Las Vegas, NV
Recycle Houston, TX
Recycle Grand Rapids, MI
Recycle Seattle, WA
Recycle San Diego, CA
Recycle Providence, RI
Recycle Louisville, KY
Recycle Chicago, IL
Recycle Sacramento, CA
Recycle Los Angeles, CA
Recycle Portland, OR
Recycle New York, NY
Recycle Ocala,FL
Recycle Gainesville, FL
City of Atlanta recycling
New York City department of sanitation
NYC sanitation
NYC dept of sanitation
Miami Dade solid waste
Miami Dade county recycling
Jacksonville Recycling Center

Recycling in America!!

Todd Klimson
Pager and Cellular Communications, LLC
1500 SW 17th Avenue
Bldg. 300
Ocala, FL 34471

352.502.4449 Office
352.426.2716 Cell

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