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The Clean Tech Revolution: Discover the Top Trends, Technologies, and Companies to Watch

Product Description

Newly revised with the latest market trends and growth opportunities

In The Clean Tech Revolution, authors Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder identify the major forces that have pushed clean tech from back-to-the-earth utopian dream to its current revolution among the inner circles of corporate boardrooms, on Wall Street trading floors, and in government offices around the globe. By highlighting eight major clean-tech sectors—solar energy, wind power, biofuels and biomaterials, green buildings, personal transportation, the smart grid, mobile applications, and water filtration—they uncover how investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals can profit from this next wave of technological innovation. Pernick and Wilder shine the spotlight on the winners among technologies, companies, and regions that are likely to reap the greatest benefits from clean tech—and they show you why the time to act is now.


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•Amazon Sales Rank: #283281 in Books
•Published on: 2008-09-16
•Released on: 2008-09-16
•Original language: English
•Number of items: 1
•Dimensions: .81" h x 5.32" w x 8.04" l, .57 pounds
•Binding: Paperback
•336 pages
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Cobb Hospital one step closer to demolition

By Taylor Kinkade - bio | email

Phenix City is one step closer to saying goodbye to the old Cobb Hospital. They awarded the demolition bid to Dore and Associates Contracting.

Six different companies submitted bids to tear down the old building, but in the end the winning bid came in at just more then $827,000.

Following the asbestos report, demolition is the next step in rebuilding on the property. Phenix City council member Max Wilkes said, "It's a good feeling. We've come a long ways and gotten a lot done and there's a lot more to do as our city manager said today. We have a lot in the works."

The plan for the old Cobb Hospital property is to create a city complex that would house utilities and a police precinct.

The demolition company has 180 days to get the building torn down
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Cell Phone Collection Drives – December 2011

Schools, communities, and organizations doing their cell phone collection
drives this December:

Michigan Cell Phones For Our Troops

Lake Shore and Lakeview high schools in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan are now
collecting used cell phones from students, parents, and the
surrounding community. Proceeds from the cell phone drive which runs up to
December 15th will be used to purchase 60-minute calling cards which will
distributed to U.S. troops stationed overseas.

Louisville Science Center Recycling Exhibit and Electronics Collection

The Louisville Science Center in Louisville, Kentucky is scheduled to open an
exhibit tomorrow Thursday, December 8th, titled “Reuse-apalooza.” The science exhibit which will focus on
recycling will run until January 2, 2012 and will feature such items as
terrariums constructed from found objects, home-made musical instruments, etc.
Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to turn in their used electronic items
such as old cell phone to help raise funds to prevent toxic metals from ewaste
from leaching into landfills.

Arizona YouChange Launches Electronic Recycling Program for

YouChange Holdings Corp, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, recently launched it’s
electronics recycling programs for the 2,300 public and private
schools in Arizona. The aim of the program is to help educate students about
e-waste, encourage the collection of obsolete electronics, including used cell
phones, and help raise funds for cash-strapped schools. YouChange successfully
completed the beta testing of their program at Mountain Point High School and
Gililland Middle School collecting over 10,000 pounds of electronics.

Detroit High School Collecting Cell Phones For The Troops

Students of South Lyon High School in Detroit will be participating in the Cell Phones for Soldiers Drive this December. The students will
be putting up collection boxes in business establishments throughout the Detroit
metro area to allow people to donate their used cell phones. The proceeds from
the drive, which will run from Nov. 21 to Dec. 13, will be used to purchase
prepaid calling cards that soldiers now assigned overseas can use to call their
loved ones back home.

The Ewaste Recycler Can Help

For those who are interested in conducting a cell phone recycling or
collection drive in their school, office, or community, The Ewaste Recycler can assist you with prepaid shipping labels, cell phone collection bags, and customized
fliers. Feel free to request for a Cell Phone Collection Information Kit today. If you’re having a cell phone collection drive this month or scheduled for January 2012, please leave a comment below so we can feature your activity in our weekly roundup of Cell Phone Drives throughout the U.S.
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Where to find your “GOLDEN” leads!
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Six-Foot HDMI Cable
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Perfect for connecting your HDTV, DVD/Blu-Ray players, gaming systems, and other home theater/entertainment components.These HDMI cables are ATC (Authorized Testing Center) certified, meaning you can count on them to pass a high-definition signal up to 1080p.

Decluttering offers chance to reuse, recycle
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E-waste: the high cost of high-tech

By Sunil Herat, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at Griffith University on 13 December 2011

E-waste from used electrical and electronic gadgets such as desktop computers, laptops and iPhones is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Rapid uptake of information technology around the world coupled with the advent of new design and technology at regular intervals is causing the early obsolescence of many such gadgets.

We all know the benefits of electrical and electronic gadgets. But we don’t know nearly as much about the adverse effects they have once we throw them away.

In the United States, producer of the largest amounts of e-waste in the world, it is estimated that over 100 million computers, monitors and televisions become obsolete each year. That amount is growing every year.

The European Union generated an estimated 9.3 million tonnes of e-waste in 2005. This included 40 million personal computers and 32 million televisions.

Each year over 130 million mobile phones in the United States and over 105 million mobile phones in Europe reach the end of their life and are thrown away.

E-waste has become a serious social problem and an environmental threat in many countries. The United Nations estimates that collectively the world now generates 20 to 50 million tonnes of e-waste every year. By 2020, it estimates e-waste from old computers in South Africa and China will have jumped by 200-400% and in India by 500% from 2007 levels.

Most of the used electrical and electronic gadgets in Australia end up in landfill. The Australian Government reported that in 2007-08, 31.7 million new televisions, computers and computer products were [sold in Australia]. In the same period, 16.8 million of these items reached the end of their life: 88% went to landfill and only 9% were recycled.

By 2027-28, the government estimates 44 million televisions, computers and computer products will be reaching the end of their life.

E-waste is escalating all over the world. Curtis Palmer

E-waste contains more than 1,000 different substances. These include toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and flame retardants used in the plastics.

There are growing concerns that most of the e-waste generated in developed countries is ending up in developing countries. Some of the e-waste collected for recycling in Australia may end up in these countries (though this may be resolved once new regulations become effective).

These countries are economically challenged and lack the infrastructure for environmentally sound management of e-waste.

The toxic waste causes adverse socio-economic, public health and environmental impact. Research studies have identified increased levels of trace elements such as lead, zinc, silver, cadmium and copper and a number of other chemicals in these environments. On the positive side, e-waste also contains valuable materials such as gold and palladium which can be recovered.

Asia – including Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Vietnam; and Africa – including Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Ghana – are the latest dumps for e-waste generated in advanced economies.

Managing e-waste in these countries is not easy: most have neither a well-established system for separation, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste nor any effective enforcement related to managing e-waste. Most dispose of e-waste alongside domestic waste in open dumps, causing severe damage to the environment and human health.

Threats from the ever growing e-waste stream could only be minimised by producing less of it: we need to find alternatives to toxic materials. Good examples of this include lead-free soldering and the development of halogen-free brominated flame retardants in electronics manufacture.

As consumers we need to make our contribution to producing less e-waste by practices such as sustainable consumption and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Don’t buy what you don’t need, and recycle devices that have reached the end of their life.

This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article.
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Confessions of an Oppo Researcher: We Are All Weird, A Book Review
Confessions of an Oppo Researcher: We Are All Weird, A Book Review
E-waste recycling
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