Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End-of-life for electronics.

Routers, Switches, Access: Cisco Systems, Adtran, Carrier Access, Force10, ADC, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, 3Com, Ascend, Telect, Lucent Technologies

• Modems and Access Devices: IBM, Codex, UDS, Telenetics, Micom, Motorola, Telebit, Racal Datacom, General Datacom, Paradyne, USRobotics, 3Com, Kentrox, Livingston

• Balancers, Line Drivers, Sharing Devices: IBM, Universal Data Systems, Ark, Codex, Hullspeed, Blackbox, Packeteer, Blue Coat, Allot

• VOIP: Cisco, Lucent, Adtran, AudioCodes, Polycom, Avaya, Nortel, Altigen, Traxcom, 3Com

• Wireless: Cisco, Adtran, FireTide, Motorola, Linksys Access Points, LAN/WAN Controllers, MicroWave, Antennas, Repeaters, Wi-Fi Boosters, Mesh Networks

• Cisco Small Business & Residential Solutions (SBS): Wired & Wireless, Routers, Switches, IP Cameras, Access Points, UC540, UC560, AP541-NA-K9, WVC210, WVC2300, VC220-K9, WAP200E, ESW520-8P-K9, SP300 & CP-7900 IP Phones

• Panels: 10/100 Patch Panels, DS1 Panels, DS3 Panels, Cross-Over Panels Front & Rear Connect Panels, ST & SC Fiber Panels, Punch-Down Blocks, Tools

• NEBS: Class 5 Switches, Broadband Concentrator, CMTS, Metro-Ethernet, Enhanced Data Concentrators, M13 Inverse Multiplexer, VOIP Gateways, SoftSwitches

• Wireless: Indoor & Outdoor Cabinets, Mounting accessories, Access Points, LAN/WAN Wireless Controllers, MicroWave, Wi-F1 Boosters, Antennas, Repeaters, Mesh Networks

• Telecom: Phone Systems, Upgrades, Desktop Phones, Wireless Phones, Phane Handsets, Channel Banks, FXS & FXO Converters

• Cabling: Residential & Commercial Sales, Repairs, Installation. CAT5, CAT6, Fiber, POTS, Cablevision, Optonline, Comcast access ports, Phone lines, Cable Accessories (GBICs & SFP's)

• Cages & Racks: Network & Telephone Equipment Racks Sales, Indoor & Outdoor Heated & Cooled Housings & COLO Cement Shelters

• Power: Uninteruptable Power Supplies, APC, Liebert, Exeltech, Network & Building Generators

• 3G/4G/CDMA/GSM EVDO/HSPA/LTE: Product Consulting on Dragon Wave, Andrew, Motorola, NuWay Industries, Wilson Industires, AirSpeed, Sabre Comm, Cisco, Nortel Networks, Nokia, Siemens, Airwalk Comm, Airvana, IPAccess, PowerWave, Allgon, TerraWave, Fujitsu

Cell Site Management Services, Cell Site Maintenance, Monopole Tower Leasing Services, Carrier Leasing Contract Review, RF Consulting Services

(CDMA/EVDO/LTE), RF Site Hardware, Antennas & Filters, Amplifiers, Power Systems, Transmissions Lines, Towers, Monopoles, Set & Mobile Air Coolers, Test Equipment, USIM Cards, Segregation Routers, Switches, Cellular Modems, FemtoCells

• End-of-Life: We are a End of Life option for Network and Telecom Hardware as well as other electronics. Send available equipment to todd@pagerandcellular.com.

• We Buy: All De-installed, over-stock, upgraded, Project gone Wrong networking & telecom hardware including phone systems

• Proven we sell... Leave the work to us and collect on our efforts. Many companies turn to P & C as an outsourced dept to handle asset recycling.

Call now for complete details.

Todd Klimson
Pager and Cellular Communications, LLC
5854 SE 5th St Suite 2
Ocala, FL 34472

352.502.4449 Office
352.426.2716 Mobile

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