Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New book: A unique book on the art and science of keyword research

This is a great book that anyone looking to find ewaste could use to their benefit. Offline marketing is still very effective but a lot can be missed online if you don't know how to market effectively. I'm not suggesting you take a whole course in marketing but knowing a few simple concepts in keyword research will set you apart from your competition. Havn't you noticed an ewaste recycler popping up on every corner in your town? There is ewaste everywhere, knowing how to find it is essential. I just picked this book up and can't wait to see what strategies the authors use. Whether you are a recycler, scrapper, or trader this book is essential for finding electronic waste and marketing your ewaste service.

Description: Keyword research can make or break a marketing campaign, an optimization strategy, and pay-per-click ad campaigns. Written by a keyword research expert, this essential resource drills home the importance of targeting the right keywords or phrases in order to get traffic from search engines and social media channels. Author Ron Jones imparts his wisdom and experience for determining which keywords will work based on a searcher's intent and he shows you how to research social, mobile, and video marketing tools that can ultimately become the foundation of a marketing campaign.
•Boasts detailed how-to information from one of the world's leading keyword research experts
•Helps you learn how to craft a successful keyword campaign and capture a coveted spot on the first page of a results page
•Pares down the essential information you need to know to use available tools to get keyword suggestions, forecast web site traffic, perform competitive research, and analyze results
•Walks you through how to best apply keywords to SEO and PPC campaigns as well as gain visibility with mobile marketing and integrate with traditional marketing efforts
•Features case studies, examples, tutorials, tips, and previously undocumented techniques

No matter your level of experience working with keywords, Keyword Intelligence is the ultimate guide for learning how to best conduct keyword research and craft winning marketing campaigns.

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