Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is there gold in Scrap office phones?

As an electronic waste recycler I am bombarded with inquiries as to how much or if there is any gold in certain electronics. I will begin posting about gold content in these electronics. Today we will start with office phones or pbx systems.

I recently saw an opened up white m2616 phone. It has gold plating on the circuit board behind the upper display. No gold on the touchpad though. Behind the touchpad was a plastic sort of board. Here are some photos above of what I found.

please check the ends of the ribbon cord connecting the display board to the main board as they will be Gold plated also;;;;

You can see that you have the cords to the phones (Gold connectors on both ends) ( not much but they are pretty in a baggie after you have an ounce or so) I clip them and sell the wire.

We recycle used office phones and equipment if you have any to sell please call me at 352-502-4449.

Todd Klimson

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