Thursday, June 2, 2011

We recycle WIMAX MIMO Boards

Is your company upgrading to a Wimax mimo system? Do you have outdated Electronic equipment? We recycle WIMAX MIMO boards,telecom and computer equipment.

WiMAX MIMO refers to the use of Multiple-input multiple-output communications (MIMO) technology on WiMAX, which is the technology brand name for the implementation of the standard IEEE 802.16. "Wikipedia".

The demand for higher network capacity and for higher performance of wireless networks is enormous. MIMO Systems are able to improve the spectral efficiency significantly, and consequently MIMO will play a key role in many future wireless communication systems.

In this instance you need a company to handle all of your WIMAX and telecom recycling needs.

We pay top dollar for any board level telecom and computer equipment.

Todd Klimson
1.352.426.2716 MOBILE
1.352.502.4449 OFFICE


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