Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We recycle Hard drives

We recycle the following hard drives:

0950-3096 9GB 7200RPM 3.5IN LP SCSI SCA 80PIN 0950-3096 0950-3694 36GB 3.5 HH SCSI SCA2 0950-3694 A1658-60032 A1658-69032 FUJITSU-MAJ3364MC FUJITSU-CA05668-B53000HW
0950-4532 300GB 10K RPM 3.5IN LP SCSI SCA 80PIN ST3300007LC AB432-69001 0950-4532
286774-005 36.4GB 15KRPM U320 SCSI 80PIN IN TRAY BF03685A35 286774-005 9U9006-038
5064-2430 4.5GB 3.5IN SCSI SCA 80PIN A3702-60750 5064-2430 A3702-60750 SEAGATE-ST34573WC SEAGATE-9J4003-035
5064-2431 9.1GB 7200RPM 3.5IN SCSI SCA 80PIN A3703-60750 5064-2431 A3703-60750 SEAGATE-ST39173WC SEAGATE-9J4008
5064-2459 9.1GB 3.5LP SCSI 80PIN 5064-2459 A2587-69750 SEAGATE-ST39175LC SEAGATE-9L6001
A1658-60031 18.2GB 3.5IN SCSI 80PIN 0950-3666 A1658-60031 ST318203LC
A3396A 4.2GB SCSI 50PIN WITH TRAY A3396A 5063-5393 5063-5396
A3629-67003 9GB 7200RPM 3.5IN LP SCSI SCA 80PIN -
A3629-67003 9L6001-037 SEAGATE-ST39175LC
A3666A 5063-5335
A3713-60750 9GB 10KRPM 3.5IN LP SCSI SCA 80PIN A3713-60750 5064-2437 SEAGATE-ST39102LC SEAGATE-ST39103LC SEAGATE-9J8006-051
C3324A 1.0GB 3.5IN LP SCSI SCA 80PIN C3324A A2084-60013 A2084-69013 0950-2601

C3682-60750 4GB 3.5IN 3H SCSI SCA 80PIN C3682-60750 5064-1001 C3682-69750 SEAGATE-ST34572WC
C3684-60750 9GB 3.5IN HH SCSI SCA C3684-60750 C3684-69750 5064-1002 SEAGATE-ST19171WC SEAGATE-9E0005-037
D3581A 1.0GB 3.5IN 3H SCSI SCA 80PIN D3581A 9B1005-045
D3582A 2.0GB 3.5 LP SCSI SCA 80PIN
D3582A D3582-60001 D3582-63001 D3582-69001 SEAGATE-ST32550WC SEAGATE-9B0006-126
D3583A 4.2GB 3.5IN HH SCSI SCA 80 PIN
D3583A D3583-63001 D3583-69001 D3583-60001 QUANTUM-AT43J3A4 QUANTUM-4301J QUANTUM-XP34301J
D3583B 4.26GB 3.5 HH SCSI 80PIN SCA D3583B D3583-69002 D3583-60002 IBM-DFHS-S4S IBM-86G9132 QUANTUM-AT43J2A5
D3583C 4GB 3.5IN HH 7200RPM SCSI SCA 80PIN D3583C D3583-60003 D3583-63004 D3583-69004 QUANTUM-QM34500TD-SCA TD45J461 SEAGATE-9J6003-040 IBM-DDRS-34560 IBM-03L5510 IBM-03L5250 QUANTUM-VK45J2C1
D4289A 9.1GB 3.5 HH SCSI SCA 80PIN D4289A D4289-60002 D4289-63001 D4289-69001 QUANTUM-XP39100J QUANTUM-HN91J10F SEAGATE-ST19171WC SEAGATE-9E0005-040 IBM-DCHS-09Y IBM-27H1703
D4903A 4.2GB 3.5IN LP SCSI SCA 80 PIN D4903A D4903-60001 D4903-63001 D4903-69001 SEAGATE-ST34501WC SEAGATE-9E2005-022
D6019A 9.1GB 3.5IN 3H SCSI SCA 80PIN D6019A SEAGATE-ST39103LC SEAGATE-9L9006
D6104A 4.2GB SCSI SCA 80PIN 3.5 LP 7200RPM D6104A D6104-60001 D6104-69001 D6104-63001 IBM-DDRS-34560 IBM-22L0314 IBM-22L0304
D6107A 9.1GB 3.5IN SCA 80PIN D6107A SEAGATE-ST39102LC SEAGATE-9J8006
D7174A 18.2GB 7200RPM 3.5IN SCSI 80PIN SCA D7174A 9L2004-045 DNES-318350
D7175A 18.2GB 10000RPM 3.5 LP 80PIN SCA D7175A MAG3182LC
D9419A 36GB 10KRPM U160 3.5 LP SCSI 80PIN SCA D9419A D9419-60000 D9419-63001 D9419-69001 FUJITSU-MAJ3364MC
D9421A 18.4GB 15000RPM 3.5IN SCSI ULTRA3 80PIN 0950-4136
D9421A 9T4006-021
P1166A 18.2GB 3.5IN SCSI 80PIN ULTRA 3 P1166A SEAGATE-ST318406LC SEAGATE-9U3001-040
P1216A 18.4GB 7200RPM 3.5IN SCSI 80PIN P1216A 9N2011-041
P1217A 9.1GB 3.5IN SCA 80PIN DPSS-309170 P1217A IBM-DPSS-309170 IBM-07N5281

P2472A 9.17GB 10K RPM SCSI SCA 80 PIN - 5184-4809 - BARE DRIVE P2472A DDYS-T09170 07N4620 FUJITSU-MAJ3091MC

P2473A 18.2GB 3.5 10000RPM LP 80PIN SCA -
ip P2473A MAJ3182MC

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