Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go Green Demolition projects. Company assists Strip outs on demand.

We assist demolition companies in the proper disposal and recycling of electronic equipment. After the interior demolition and strip-outs we step in and remove the electronic waste for site clearance. Many state laws require companies to properly recycle all electronics, medical, and telecommunications equipment especially in a controlled demolition project. More and more U.S. cities are starting to require, or strongly encourage, contractors to minimize the amount of construction, hazardous and demolition material being sent to the landfill. At Pager and Cellular Communications, LLC we like to call this Green Demolition, or as contractors call it Internal demolition. We also specialize in Data Center Strip Outs, UPS Decomissioning, and E-waste Disposal Solution For Demolition Companies. My company will pick up for free and recycle anything from a demolition project with a cord or battery including but not limited to:

*Business Phones, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, etc.
*Computer Components, motherboards, RAM sticks, Finger cards, Hard drive boards, motherboards, processors, towers, printers, fax machines, scanners.
*All medical equipment from hospitals.
*All computer, data, and telecommunication wire
*Telecom components, Cisco, 3Com, Qlogic, Nortel,etc. Dialogic Boards, telephone systems, pci cards, ISA cards,panels, channel banks, tape drives, Modules, whole chassis, routers, switches, etc.
*X-ray/Litho Film
*Pager Parts
*Cell Phones
*Cell Phone Parts
*Cell Phone Batteries, chargers
*Cell Phone Accessories

If you don’t see it on our list, send it anyway.

Please assist us in keeping the scrap from landfills. We will keep it simple for any electronics manufacturer, demolition company, wireless company or fundraising program. We will send a truck (FED EX, freight) to your doorstep and pay for shipping. We can send a shipping label via email. On large quantities we will have our freight company arrange shipping. Please have all material palletized and shrink-wrapped with pictures for proper evaluation.

Todd Klimson
Pager & Cellular
Recycle All Electronics

1500 SW 17th Ave
Building 300
Ocala, FL 34471

 352-502-4449 - Ext. 126
 352-426 2716- Cell
 352-351-1322
 todd@pagerandcellular.com

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