Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wanted: Your Electronic scrap!

My company, Pager & Cellular Communications,a leading Ocala recycling company, will buy all of your computer and telecom scrap. We pay for shipping!!!

*Recycle Asus Motherboard, asus rampage iii formula, atx motherboard

*Recycle Dialogic Boards, PCI cards, PCB's, ISA cards, graphic cards, Rhetorex cards, IP boards, PBX Integration Boards, Telecom parts, bus architecture, digitalline, digital line card, expansion cards, ethernet card, pri t 1, circuit board components, circuit electronics, corded business phones.

*Recycle Both-Way Trunk Circuit Boards, DID Trunk Circuit Boards, Universal Trunk Circuit Boards, T-1 Circuit Boards, PRI/ISDN Circuit Boards, T-1/PRI Circuit Boards, Tie-Line Circuit Boards, Digital Telephone Circuit Boards, Analog Telephone Circuit Boards, DTMF Circuit Boards, DTMF Circuits, Common Control Circuit Boards, AGP Cards, video cards.

Please call us for all of your IT recycling needs and we will be happy to dispose of your electronics.


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